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Across the world Tantra has begun to play a major role in people's spiritual experience.  Tantra is a path of self discovery and acceptance.  A set of techniques to attune with the universe, improve health, move energy and above all seek your own truth.  Here at World you will have a rare opportunity to read, contemplate and consider a variety of discourses and texts about Tantra.     Find your individual path it is as unique as you are.

Tantra is believed by Hindu leaders, to be one of the oldest single sources of knowledge regarding the energy of Body/Mind/Spirit/Soul. Chinese Alchemy and Indian Yoga were based upon Tantric philosophy and practices. Tantra is a spiritual system involving sexual and non sexual methods to dive deep into the unconsciousness mind to clear emotional issues, fears, worries or concerns which prevent intimacy with oneself and partner. Once the mind is clear of fear etc., the ultimate experience in pleasure begins It is the practice of total devotion to intimacy.

If you're looking to experience mind blowing, out of body orgasm, then Tantra is something worth your time, consideration and action. Even if your partner is not interested in the Tantric experience, the focus begins with self and can then be shared in a more intimate way with a hesitant partner.

Once your lover feels the sexual, spiritual and loving energy you project, both of you will experience an intimate connection beyond your wildest dreams!

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The word 'Tantra' means the capacity of expansion, that which goes expanding. Sex shrinks you, Tantra expands you. It is the same energy, but it takes a turn. It is no longer selfish, no longer self centered. It starts spreading - it starts spreading to the whole existence. In sex, for a moment you can attain to the orgasm, and at a great cost. In Tantra you can live in the orgasm twenty-four hours a day, because your very energy becomes orgasmic. And your meeting is no longer with any individual person: your meeting is with the universe itself. You see a tree, you see a flower, you see a star, and there is something like orgasm happening.

And about sex also people are very, very worried. That very worry and that very effort to do something is the problem. Sex happens; it is not a thing that you have to do. So you have to learn the eastern attitude toward sex, the Tantra attitude. The Tantra attitude is that you be loving to a person. There is no need to plan, there is no need to rehearse in the mind. There is no need to do anything in particular: just be loving and available. Go on playing with each other's energy. And when you start making love, there is no need to make it great. Otherwise you will be pretending and so will the other person. He will pretend that he is a great lover and you will pretend that you are a great lover ... and both are unsatisfied! There is no need to pose anything. It is a very silent prayer. Making love is meditation. It is sacred, it is the holiest of holiness. So while you are making love to a man go very slowly ... with taste, taking in every flavor of it. And very slowly: there is no hurry, no need to hurry, enough time is there.

And while making love, forget about orgasm. Rather, be in a relaxed state with the man, relax into each other. The western mind is continuously thinking about when it is coming and how to make it fast and great and this and that. The thinking does not allow the body energies to function. It does not allow the body to have its own way; the mind goes on interfering... Relax with the man. If nothing happens there is no need for anything to happen. If nothing happens then that is what is happening...and that too is beautiful! Orgasm is not such a thing that it has to happen every day. Sex should be just being together, just dissolving into each other. Then one can keep making love for half an hour, for one hour, just relaxing into each other. Then you will be of utter mindlessness, because there is no need for the mind. Love is the only thing where the mind is not needed; and that is where the West is wrong: it brings in the mind even there!


If you can go on growing in this intimacy, which is no more excitement, then the joy will arise: first excitement, then love, then joy. Joy is the ultimate product, the fulfillment. Excitement is just a beginning, a triggering; it is not the end. And those who finish at excitement will never know what love is, will never know the mystery of love, will never know the joy of love. They will know sensations, excitement, passionate fever, but they will never know the grace that is love. They will never know how beautiful it is to be with a person with no excitement but with silence, with no words, with no effort to do anything. Just being together, sharing one space, one being, sharing each other, not thinking of what to do, what to say, where to go, how to enjoy; all those things are gone. The storm is over and there is silence. And it is not that you will not make love but it will not be a making really; it will be a love happening. It will happen out of grace, out of silence, out of rhythm; it will arise from your depths, it will not be bodily really. There is a sex which is spiritual, which has nothing to do with the body. Although the body partakes in it, participates in it, it is not the source of it. Then sex takes on the color of Tantra, only then.


And this merger should not become unconscious, otherwise you miss the point. Then it is a beautiful sex act, but not transformation. It is beautiful, nothing is wrong in it , but it is not transformation. And if it is unconscious then you will always be moving in a rut. Again and again you will want to have this experience. The experience is beautiful as far as it goes, but it will become a routine. And each time you have it, again more desire is created. he more you have it, the more you desire it, and you move in a viscous circle. You don't grow, you just rotate. Rotation is bad, because then growth is not happening. Then energy is simply wasted. Even if the experience is good, the energy is wasted, because much more was possible. And it was just at the corner, just a turn, and much more was possible. With the same energy the divine could have been achieved. With the same energy the ultimate ecstasy is possible, and you are wasting that energy in momentary experiences. And by and by those experiences will become boring, because repeated again and again, everything becomes boring. When the newness is lost, boredom is created. If you remain alert you will see: first, changes of energy in the body, second, dropping of the thoughts from the mind; and third, dropping of the ego from the heart.

excerpts from the discourses by an Indian mystic
Compiled by: Jeevn Ekin