The Brazilian Toe Technique

The Brazilian Toe Massage has been around for over 50 years.  Reportedly, there is one hospital in Brazil that offers nothing but this
service as a way to facilitate healing of all illnesses.  It is one of the most effective techniques Iíve found for relaxation and release of stress.
While this may sound like something a person with a foot fetish would enjoy, The Brazilian Toe Technique offers therapeutic properties
of acupressure and meridian energy alignment. There are six energy meridians that connect to the organs in the body, all of which end in the toes.
They are the spleen and liver, which end in the big toe, stomach - the second biggest toe, bladder - the central toe, gall bladder -
the second smallest toe and kidney - the small toe. By holding the toes, the meridians can be balanced or reset by the pracitioner/masseur
and the person receiving the treatment. Together the meridians and organs are realigned. The person receiving the technique lies comfortably
on their back with their eyes closed and palms facing upwards. The practitioner begins by lightly holding the tips of both the central toes with
their middle finger and thumb.  After three minutes, move to the fourth toe with your thumb and ringer finger.  Wait another three minutes and
move to the pinky toe and hold with pinky finger and thumb.  After another three minutes move to the second toe and hold with the index finger
and thumb.  Finally, move to the big toe and hold with the middle, index fingers and thumb. When you are ready to release the big toe
start with the right toe first, release it very very slowly so the receiver does not even realize you let go.
Hold the left big toe for a few moments and then release it slowly again.

Some other basic principles to remember are:
1. As you move to the second toe and each subsequent toe, move your finger into the next toe.
By keeping contact as you move from one toe to the next, you are keeping the energy connection stable.
2. Each toe should be held for three minutes except if the toe (or toes) jerks involuntarily.
If this occurs, move on immediately to the next toe as this startle reflex action is a message from
the organ saying enough energy has been received - any more stimulation will overcharge
the organ, inducing in the patient an uncomfortable state.

The Brazilian Toe Technique has been used to fully relax even hyperactive individuals.  It releases anger, helps to
reduce pain and provides balancing of the main meridians for health.  It gives the both people a chance to just be in
the moment, to connect without physical movement and to feel one with the other.

In my own practice, Iíve found this to be a great way to end the massage session.
Toes do not necessarily need to be held for a full three minutes since most of the energy systems have all ready been aligned
While this may not be a permanent cure for every health disorder, it certainly does relax and stabilize the energy system.

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Created July 13, 2008