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by Dr. Stuart Mark Berlin

 I have been asked to write my ideas about Tantra.  I am the author of Everywoman a Goddess: Everyman a Hero in Her Service, which details the creation of my spiritual path which I call Tantric Kabbalah.  Living in the physical world is very difficult sometimes.  There are so many forces that act upon the individual especially males to fragment them.  A fragmented person is easily manipulated and made to work as a soldier or slave wage laborer or cog in the corporate machine.  I could not survive in such a state and needed to find wholeness.  Tantric Kabbalah unites science, spirituality and sexuality and so I will describe what I understand Tantra to be as Tantra has manifested within my life and spirit.
The perception about Tantra is that Tantra is identical with a special kind of sex that delivers incredible orgasms, beyond pleasure that is available in the usual manner.  This is true, but it is not true if you are seeking hedonistic physical pleasure.  Tantra comes from the Sanskrit and means to weave.  Kabbalah comes from the Hebrew and means to receive.  When you combine Tantra and Kaballah you get two poles, a positive giving pole and a negative receiving pole analagous to what exists in electricity.  Tantra is not about physical sex at all, it is about energy.  Tantra is about a different kind of energy than electricity or magnetism, although electromagnetism is very much involved in the physiology of human bodies (which is a part of sex).  It is critical to have two poles,  giving (typically considered male) and receiving (typically considered female) because it is not the poles that matter but the flow of energy that is important.  As an aside gender identity and sexual orientation is not important in establishing these poles. Tantra is about energy and specifically the flow of energy and about mastering and sharing this flow between human beings.
 In order to access Tantra it is necessary to understand what it means to be a human being.  The dominant world view is that human beings are only materialist beings. We are bags of human flesh that are sentient, with self awareness, but we are part and parcel of the material world.  This materialist view dominates scientific thought and science is behind all the technology that makes our world work.  Once upon a time magic and shamans dominated everyday life because they were thought to know the secrets of getting what you wanted.  Science has replaced magic and shamans as far as the everyday world because technology is much better at giving us what we want from the physical world.  When you put your key in your car and turn the switch the engine turns on and you can drive yourself wherever you want.  This is marvelous.  Despite these benefits of technology many people find that technology is not enough and are again seeking the world of magic and shamans.
 If you hold and believe this materialist world view you will not be able to understand or ever master Tantra.  Since I experience tantric sex magic on a daily basis and share bliss and ecstasy with my beloved tantric partner I know that Tantra is indeed real, and as real as science.  To understand, practice and then master Tantra expand your materialist view to include the Spirit World.  As a retired pediatrician and scientific medical researcher I fully and completely embrace science and scientific method.  Authors such as Mario Beauregard in The Spiritual Brain have documented that spiritual experience is a real brain state that can be documented by modern neuroscientific methodology.  In fact the evidence suggests strongly that materialism does not conform to the observed data as well as a world view that incorporates both the Physical World and the Spiritual World.
 Think of ourselves as beings that live in two worlds.  Now we can access all sorts of resources that are not available to beings that are solely physical.  For me the easiset way to experience and master both the physical and spiritual worlds is through Tantra.  About seventeen years ago, after a lot of psychological, spiritual and sexual work I discovered spontaneously that my hands would vibrate during sex with love and that my partner felt this vibration.  Experiencing these vibrations brought her to a new level of ecstasy.  I learned to control my magical ability through my mantra and this story is fully described in my book.
Now there might be some men who would like to develop that ability because they think it would be fun, feel good, and make them very popular with women.  All of that is true, however if that is your motivation it probably wonít work.  Tantra is not about becoming sexually powerful.  Becoming sexually powerful is a side effect, just as having your kundalini awakened is a side effect.  The kundalini is a very important subject within Tantra.
 To me Tantra is about discovering the truth.  To me that Truth is that there is a consciousness outside of our separate existence that is available to all human beings.  Further this consciousness is the source of all love, all nurturance, and all creativity.  This consciousness is the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the Schechinah.  To me a crucial aspect of Tantra is that making love is the purest and most powerful form of worship.  When I make love to my tantric crone goddess I am making love to the Schechinah.
 The part of me that is Divine is of the same substance as the Schechinah and therefore it is perfectly natural to have Divine Intercourse with the Goddess.  My partner at the same time is both Physical and Spiritual so therefore all of our parts are integrating within a great mozaic of bliss.  This bliss is an energetic flow between me, my tantric crone goddess partner and the Schechinah.  It is multilevel and results in incredible orgasms.
Spiritual experience is ineffable and the words I use above are just symbols that I use to describe my experience in a way to share that experience with you.  My experience is no substitute for your experience.  My path and my description of my path are merely an encouragement for you to follow your own and make your own discoveries.  Having said that you need to be able to start.  I want to give you a few suggestions to help you start.
 The most important point of all is that Tantra exists within relationship.  You can not have a flow of Divine energy in anonymous physical encounters.  Tantra will not happen in addictive sex but only within sex with intimacy, sex within relationship.  The greatest barrier to Tantra is for men to not be emotionally available and to not listen to women.  The voice of the Goddess is feminine.  To listen to the feminine voice is a skill that a man can only develop within the context of a real relationship with a real woman.  Once you can listen to the feminine voice you can listen to the voice of the Divine Feminine.
 To practice Tantra a man must learn to develop some physical skills.  He must become familiar with the female orgasm.  My partnerís being is the Stradivarius I play with great skill to create beautiful orgasms that can last for over an hour and which is the music we create together.  Tantra is about the female orgasm.  To facilitate this a man must learn to adore the womanís body and discover how worshipping that body produces orgasms of varying types and intensity.  I write about this in great detail in my book but briefly I will share a few hints.  Essential to Tantra for a man is ejaculatory control.  This is just a fact.  Stimulation of a womanís body must be done with love and nurturance and as an access to worshipping the Great Mother Goddess herself.  Men must not focus on their own satisfaction but on the womanís satisfaction.  Satisfying the woman in ways of deeper and deeper ecstasy and bliss is only the beginning.  Breast stimulation is essential to changing the way the brain is organized.  I could write a book just on worshipping a womanís breasts.  Traveling from nipple to clitoris, to goddess spot and then cervix all using your mouth and hands prior to intercourse makes the orgasms of intercourse much more powerful and satisfying.  When you can feel your hands and lingam vibrate in tantric service to the Great Mother Goddess then your physical body is feeling your greater spiritual being.  
 There are so many women in the world who are mature, highly sexual and seeking a man who can satisfy her.  Discover Tantra and bring love, and happiness into the world.  It is a great service and the world needs this so very much.  
Love and light, namaste and shalom,


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created 10/06/2008
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